the pia

I am a writer. I get easily excited about anything, therefore I have written about a vast range of people, topics and events. They have nothing—really, absolutely nothing—in common, except maybe that they all fit into the category of things that I never thought of but am happy to have learned about. Often, I try to dive deep into the emotional worlds of other people to uncover what drives them and to learn why they do what they do. That said, I realize it would be really nice at this point to let you know what drives me, and why I do what I do. But I have no idea. So you actually have to wait until I am famous, beautiful or rich (or all of the aforementioned), and let someone else answer those questions for us. If you are keenly interested and can’t wait for that moment, I can also forward you the contact details of my therapist.


If you are thinking about hiring me, you may be interested to know that I studied Geography and Cultural Anthropology (Heidelberg + Adelaide) as well as Journalism (Leipzig). My degree included a year-long compulsory traineeship, which I opted to do at Radio Adelaide. I have been awarded several scholarships, which I will not list here. Nor will I name anyone to handinsfeuerlegen, which is to say write references for me. If you think this kind of self-description is insane and just what you’re looking for, just get in touch!


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